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PostSubject: H-hello...   H-hello... EmptyOctober 23rd 2013, 10:00 am

Country/Province/State/City: Canada

Human First and Last Name: Madeline Williams

Appearance: (This can either be a picture, description or both.)
Long hair, wavy not exactly curly, blonde, always in pigtails. A red beret. Two small barrettes to keep her bangs out of her face. A long red sweater jacket, normally a simple shirt and a white skirt. Knee high socks, brown shoes a book (maybe) and glasses. She also has purple eyes like Matthew.

Anything Else?(post anything here that you'd like to add)

Role-Play Sample:
Madeline walked through school, bumped into by several people who hadn't noticed her and didn't bother to apologize. She pushed up the rimless glasses and kept her head down, the white bear held in her arms as she went to her next class. She was almost there by the time she bumped straight into someone much taller and much stronger than her "I-I'm so sorry!" she whispered, which was almost her normal voice, and stepped back, looking up fearfully to see who she had run into. Madeline's eyes widened upon recognition. Of all people it had to be Matt. And he didn't look happy about something "M-Matt I'm so sorry!" she began panicking and hiding her face in her hands.
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