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 Mafitalia ((Mafia!AU))

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Mathias Køhler
King Dadmark
Mathias Køhler

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Mafitalia ((Mafia!AU)) Empty
PostSubject: Mafitalia ((Mafia!AU))   Mafitalia ((Mafia!AU)) EmptyOctober 18th 2013, 6:37 pm

Terms you should be aware of before you reply!

Family - A small gang from a much larger group of mafia-involved people. Families can range from 15-100+ members.
Boss/Don - Head of the family. Makes all decisions and courses of action and gets the largest income of money gained by the family. Hires and fires all other members of the family.
Consigliere - Not always considered part of the family hierarchy and is known for being a somewhat legendary ranking. There is only one Consigliere assigned in each family, and their job is to assist the boss with decision-making and to offer advice. The Consigliere is elected by the rest of the family.
Underboss - Second in command. Will take the bosses' place temporarily if necessary, and will take his place as boss permanently when he retires or is sent to prison.
Caporegime/Capo - A caporegime is in the same league as a lieutenant would be in an army. The amount of capos in each family varies. A capo will lead their own portion of the family each. Their main job is to earn money; some of their earnings will be kept for themselves, and the rest will go to the boss.
Soldier - The lowest rank in the family hierarchy. Soldiers are grouped together, and each group is lead by a capo. The don't get paid much and are forced to do most of the family's 'dirty work'.
Associates - Not directly part of the family, but may offer assistance during some circumstances. It could be any citizen whatsoever; even police officers and politicians are known to be associates to some families.

Current Ranks:


A smoking cigarette hung loosely from the corner of his mouth, and Matthias shifted comfortably in the leather chair he had settled down into, examining the daily newspaper for  any reports that caught his attention. He had only spent mere seconds skimming briskly over the page, before his eyes locked onto an article that made his lips curl upwards in sly grin. How interesting.

He'd known ever since the crime was committed he'd spot his name somewhere on the front page. It was especially common nowadays too; with the sudden outburst of potentially dangerous rivals springing out of what seemed to be nowhere, Matthias had to make sure he and the other members of the family could maintain their high status in the city.

However, as he'd originally feared, it was becoming increasingly hard to fend off unwanted pests that had strayed into the city to claim their prizes. No amount of warnings could deter the other families for very long, and the Dane could feel his authority of the area slipping through his fingers a little more every time he was informed of another confrontation. It was evident he'd have to take some course of action, and decided later on that very day to round up as many family members as possible and inform them of their current situation.

Four hours after his announcement had been spread across the ranks, Matthias sat boredly at the foot of the large conference table at the back of the headquarters, tapping his fingers repeatedly on the wooden surface whilst he waited for the rest of the group to assemble.
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Feliks Lukasiewicz

Feliks Lukasiewicz

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Mafitalia ((Mafia!AU)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mafitalia ((Mafia!AU))   Mafitalia ((Mafia!AU)) EmptyOctober 24th 2013, 7:57 pm

Breathing heavily, a green clad figure skids around a corner into an ally where he slides to a stop.  He leans against a wall, hands on his knees as he gasps for breath.  Closing his eyes, Feliks tries not to focus on the pain in right arm and side where several bullets had come close...too close.  "What did I do to deserve this?" he thinks, sinking to the ground.  "I did everything the boss asked, and yet...I'm here.  No longer a part of their family.  No longer a soldier for them..." he trails off, thinking back to everything he had done for his now ex-family.  He had done nothing wrong, he knew that someone had set him up.  Feliks closes his eyes, confusion filling him.  He knew that he had to stay calm, to find another family to join.  But who would accept him now?

Feliks gets slowly to his feet and walks to the edge of the building's shadow to lean on a dumpster.  He thought that, from what little he saw while running, that this was where Matthias and his family live.  "Would they...no, they wouldn't.  Whatever happened to me is probably all over the papers.  He wouldn't want that kind of a person in his family," he mutters, still not completely sure why he had been shot but certain that it would hinder his career.
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Mafitalia ((Mafia!AU))
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