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 Ciao, this is Luciano~

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Ciao, this is Luciano~ Empty
PostSubject: Ciao, this is Luciano~   Ciao, this is Luciano~ EmptyOctober 13th 2013, 3:49 pm

Out of Character: ((Hey. I'm an okay type of person that is slightly insane...think if you mixed Russia's personality, North Italy's personality, and South Italy's personality together and that would be me. Yeah...))

Country: North Italy

Name: Luciano Vargas

Differences from 1P North Italy:

gets angry quickly

More of a dark red with hint of brown hair color
Red eyes

RP example:

Luciano sighed softly as he looked at the pasta he was being served. This place lacked the special ingredient that made his homemade pasta so good. He looked at the bella who sat across from him and smiled brightly. He had managed to get a date with her and was planning the perfect way to get her home. He lifted her hand to his lips and lightly kissed it, "You look lovely~" He watched her blush and smirks. Her loveliness would make her the perfect ingredient for his next pasta dish. He had experimented with different people and found the prettier ones made his pasta taste better.
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Ciao, this is Luciano~
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