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 Hey there Doll Face. I'm Al

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Al Jones

Al Jones

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Hey there Doll Face. I'm Al Empty
PostSubject: Hey there Doll Face. I'm Al   Hey there Doll Face. I'm Al EmptyOctober 12th 2013, 10:43 pm

Country: America!

Name: Al Jones (Don't call him Alfred, or Alfie... He doesn't like it)

Differences from Wonderboy America
*Extremely Sarcastic
*Doesn't want to safe anyone
*Vegan, doesn't like soda chemicals and whatnot, but loves water and beer
*Has a weakness for cute things
*Loves cats and purring
*Secretly loves to bake
*Loves horror movies
*Hums a lot to himself

Not a difference but worth noting
*He is really cuddly in relationships, and with people he likes

Auburn hair, usually has his sunglasses resting there
Crimson Eyes, they seem to glow when he gets angry
Tan skin, Native American blood is strong in him
Usually wearing his bomber jacket, a t-shirt, his dogtags, a pair of ripped jeans and red high top converse.
Carries around a nailed bat he's nicknamed Louie (Louisville Slugger. Louie. You get it.)

Rp time:  
It was late. After three he reckoned, based on the position of the moon. He'd picked a good one this time, one that fought back. He touched the still slightly bleeding spot on his head and winced. "That'll teach me to let my guard down." He wanted to smirk at that thinking that no one would ever get the drop on him again, but he didn't he had made a deal with this one. If the victim could make it till sunrise, the pursuit would end and he would turn himself in. "No way in hell!" he thought to himself. He had to find his victim and fast....
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Hey there Doll Face. I'm Al
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