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 Hey, Matt here.

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Matt Williams

Matt Williams

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Hey, Matt here. Empty
PostSubject: Hey, Matt here.   Hey, Matt here. EmptySeptember 18th 2013, 8:13 pm

Out-Of-Character: ((Hi...well a little about me...I'm kind of a nobody...I tend to do what I need to just to get through life and nothing more...I'm quiet and laid back until I get angry...Then I kinda go crazy and want to kill things... I haven't though! I worry about all my friends all the time...even people I don't know...I love to rp and try to remain active but I'm very forgetful and get off task quickly...so I apologize in advance...I think thats good enough for an intro...))

Country: Canada

Name: Matt Williams

Differences from 1P Canada:

cold and distant
prone to yell and curse
hates being overlooked
often getting into fights with his brother
angers quickly
loves to hunt and hike

long hair that is typically seen tied back into a ponytail
Purple eyes

Rp Example:

Matt skated on the ice, fiercely blocking the team from getting the hockey puck from him. In order to make sure the others could train, he was up against most of them, only allowing a few of the better ones to be on a team with him. He shoved past one of the guys and slammed the puck into the goal. The coach blew the whistle signalling the end of the practice. Matt continued to skate around, playing against an imaginary team, as his other teammates got changed into their normal clothes. Once the team left, Matt headed for the changing room, quickly changing before he left to go meet with his family. He sighed as he got on a motorcycle and drove to the cabin where he'd be meeting Louis, Oliver, and Al.
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Erikur Stielsson

Erikur Stielsson

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Location : Reykjavik, Iceland (nah not really USA)

Hey, Matt here. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey, Matt here.   Hey, Matt here. EmptyOctober 8th 2013, 1:05 am

Country/Province/State/City: Iceland  
Human First and Last Name:Egil Stielsson
hair color: Purple
Eye color: Red (he only has one eye though)

2p: More laid back, care free, really open about things and more mischievous

Role-Play Sample: Egil sighed and lounged in against his puffin shaped beanbags and ruffled his hair, yawning and dusting off his white under shirt. How was he still tired after sleeping for most of the day, it could've been because of his puffin's constant nagging that he had to get up and look presentable for the day. Egil waved the bird off as he tried to get to sleep again and pulled a set of thick blankets up to drown out the insistent English accent from the bird. Once Egil was able to sleep again it didn't last long before Nickolas ran in and jumped on the bed to wake him. The direct force of his 'brother' was enough to wake him then and the chase began, slowly waking up others in the house who were still asleep.  
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Hey, Matt here.
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