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 Wei, remember me, all right?

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Wei, remember me, all right? Empty
PostSubject: Wei, remember me, all right?   Wei, remember me, all right? EmptyAugust 27th 2013, 5:12 pm

Country/Province/State/City: Beijing
Human First and Last Name: Guo Tong. Tong is my first name.
Appearance: (This can either be a picture, description or both.)He has one arm, his right leg from the knee is robotic and multiple visible scars. He has long hair that is kept up in a ponytail, long bangs. There is a scar on the corner of his mouth, and a big ass one over one of his eyes. He resembles this man: https://i.servimg.com/u/f71/18/29/34/79/lingon10.png [I have a picture, just give me some time to upload it. In fact, his design resembles the picture's very much.]
Personality: (This has to be detailed, or just enough for everyone to get the gist of it.)He is quite friendly, and almost flirtatious, however, he does not mean to be. He is simply very friendly. He prefers to be positive, however, in an instant, he can be serious, or very contemplative. Almost like something disturbed him.
He is gentlemanly, but quite modern as well, so his manner of speaking may not be so reserved, but it is there. He is quite skilled in the arts of war.

Friends: (Keep this reasonable because Hetalia is based roughly on actual history. This goes for Neutral and Enemies as well.)China, many of the Asian countries
Neutrals: America
Enemies:Any country that poses a threat to his homeland, or humanity.

History: (You do not have to go all out on this one. Just post a bit of facts here and there.)He was the first capital of China before Beijing was its given name. Afterwards, he disappeared, and no one is quite sure where he is. Or if he even existed anymore.

Fun Facts: (Post anything interesting (like headcanons) about your character here.)He has a 'female' version. That is the current capital.
-That version is not quite him, but not quite not him either. So a female version of Tong would be different than the current version's genderbent.
-Something happened to him in his history so that is why he can change almost drastically in mood. It's always there, but he never finds reason to bring it out.
-He is both a good strategist and a mechanic. So, like Huang Yueying mixed with Zhuge Liang.

Role-Play Sample: (Here you will write a simple sample of your role-playing. IT MUST BE IN CHARACTER.)
"Wei~ You won't forget me too soon after you meet me, will you? Good, because I don't like being forgotten. It's kind of painful, you know. So, if you won't forget me, I won't forget you. Watch my back, and I have yours, that sort of thing, right?"

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Wei, remember me, all right?
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