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The Rules (MANDATORY READ) Empty
PostSubject: The Rules (MANDATORY READ)   The Rules (MANDATORY READ) EmptyMarch 1st 2013, 10:37 am

~---- Rules ----~

1. YOU SHOULD BE OVER 13 TO JOIN. It's not forced that you be over 13 but if you join you must be mature about mature situations.

2. NO GODMODDING.I am in fact going to read through every post on this site to make sure that there are no godmodders. If you do not know what godmodding is then Google it.

3. NO TWO LINERS. Yeah, normally it's "no one liner" but for me it's no two lines. Why? Because if you can't think of anything to write then don't write anything at all. I'm sure your partner wouldn't mind if you took a break to figure out something to write.

4.THREE ACCOUNTS PER PERSON. I'd be appreciated if you inform me of an addition.

5. REGARDING 2P! FEM! NEKO! CHIBI!. If you wish to rp a 2p!, snapped!, dark! version of the character you already rp you must make a new account which will take from the 3 accounts you are allowed.

6. NO IN-REAL-LIFE DRAMA IN THE FORUM OR CHATBOX. It's not that we don't care it's the fact that drama makes people uncomfortable and people have a bad habit of complaining about their lives and then deny any help people offer. Because of those reasons you are NOT allowed to dramatize the forums or chatbox with your issues.

7. KEEP THE MATURE ROLE-PLAYS IN THE MATURE ROLE-PLAY SECTION. Unless everyone in the chatbox is fine and comfortable with it. Another thing: If you're going to smut in the Romance section then please tag it, or ask for it to be move to the Mature section.

8. RESPECT YOUR MODS AND ADMINS. If you disrespect your mods and admins you will be banned for three days.
Mods and Admins: Respect your position and the other members. Do not just leave out of the blue or you will no longer have your position unless you give a reasonable reason.

9. IF YOU BREAK THESE RULES: for first offense you'll get a PM, for second you'll receive a pm and be banned from the chatbox for three days, and for third offense you'll be banned from the site for a week. (These punishments are really lazed but abuse them and you will be permanently banned.)

10. CLAIMING YOUR CHARACTER. When you claim your character please claim a colour as well. (I.E. Greece, colour=#ccccff) You have three days after creating your account to claim a character, if you fail to do so the account will be deleted and the character open for someone else to take.

11. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. You can have more than three accounts so long as you are constantly active.

12. REGARDING ACTIVITY CHECKS Activity checks will occur once a month and it is mandatory that you post your characters in said thread in order to not get deleted.

13. TALKING OOC. When you're talking OOC please use brackets.

14. USERNAMES. Your username must be the human name of your character.


These are all the rules for this site. You know what will happen if you break them. If you've read all these rules post 'Squid Sticks' in your character claim.
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